Shop bouske llc is a store that focus on natural organic products for less. We specialize on 100% natural or organic whit natural extra. Product such castor oil, (lwil maskreti) gres cacao mixed whit snake oil, African black soap, bwa kanpé and many more… Our handmade haitian castor oil also called lwil maskriti in creol. Lwil maskriti is used for hair growth, body moisture muscle pain and everything you can think off. Our lwil maskriti is 100% made in Haiti. Our grès cacao mixed whit snake oil,is a traditional haitian male enchacement product that is used for lengthen and enlarge the penis. And also use as a but anchancement, joint and muscle pain. It a great product you can sure you’re getting the very best. The African black soap liquid is raw pure natural from Ghana against eczema and psoriasis,dry skin, scars, black head and many more… Our BWA KANPÉ is a medicinal bottle whit: bwa kochon, lyann bandé, jouk li jou, asosi,kanèl, aletwalé, safran … good for endurance, energy boost and sexual performance.